Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jerramy Stevens: Over And Out

My love/hate relationship with Jerramy Stevens dates all the way back to his days as a Washington Husky. He had the size of a giraffe with hands as soft as a baby's bottom. Jerramy was the quarterback's favorite target and a fan favorite. When his off the field issues surfaced everyone did the right thing and swept it under the rug. After all, who wanted to ruin a man's career for the sake of adolescent mischief? The Huskies were winning and Jerramy Stevens was a big part of that success.

After his college career Jerramy was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks and continued his impressive tight end play. At 6'7 he was a big target that was always open. He soon became quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's security blanket. Again there were off the field issues, but again who cared? The Seahawks were on their way to the Super Bowl and Jerramy Stevens was a big part of that success.

The Super Bowl game was the turning point in his career. Although he caught a touchdown he dropped THREE key passes (after agitating Joey Porter during Super Bowl media day) and cost the Seahawks a victory. A lot of people blamed the refs for the loss, but a fair share of fans (yours included) pointed the finger at Jerramy. Without the success he had always enjoyed the rope was getting shorter. In subsequent seasons Jerramy once again had off the field issues but this time the public wasn't so forgiving. He had worn out his welcome in Seattle and some people wondered if his playing days were over. Tampa Bay offered him one last chance to salvage his career and turn his life around. Earlier this week the Bucs pulled the plug on that experiment after Jerramy was arrested on possession of marijuana. Jerramy Stevens was ultimately his own worst enemy, but it could be argued that his turbulent career was the result of teams and fans ignoring the truth. Jerramy Stevens was never a good guy but everyone overlooked that fact because of his god given talent. We all wanted him to be something he wasn't, mature and responsible.

We will hear this story again. This is just the latest installment of an athlete squandering his chance at greatness. He's a Husky so I won't completely turn my back on him (so long as I don't think about Super Bowl XL) but his football days are done. On to the next one Jerramy. Good luck.


  1. I felt a little bad after hearing the Bucs dropped him...and then I remember defending him against Porter's statements the entire week leading up the Superbowl in which he prooved us all wrong. Great talent, but was soft and apparently loves his booze and dope...which is fine as long as you don't drive too. Koren Robinson left the same taste in my mouth until he came back for Holmgreens last season becuase we ran out of WR's.

  2. I just dont understand a man that flushes a NFL career down the drain for pot. I gave up pot for the Army. He cant give up pot so he can play in the NFL. He may have went to college but Jerramy, you sir, are an idiot.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Jerramy is a tragic tale of too much success without accountability.