Friday, October 29, 2010

Cleavie The Greek Predicts Detroit Over Washington

Their wins and losses may not reflect it, but the Detroit Lions are one of the up and coming teams in the NFL. They've suffered some heartbreak defeats this season otherwise the Lions would have a pretty respectable record. In addition, starting quarterback Matt Stafford has missed significant playing time which has also contributed to Detroit's slow start. He comes back this week and the Redskins starter Donovan McNabb is nursing a myriad of nagging injuries. Coupled with Washington's lack of explosive players on offense this game looks like an upset special. The Lions won't make the playoffs or anything, but this game will show how much they've improved and the Redskins are beat up in desperate need of a bye week. Here are some bonus picks form Cleavie The Greek:

Oregon over USC. USC has a lot of pride and tradition, but this season is the beginning of the end in Trojan land. Look for Oregon to put up 40 (if not 50) and serve notice as to who's the dominant team in the Pac 10.

Steelers over Saints. The Saints simply aren't healthy in the running game and Drew Brees has struggled with the pass rush as of late. Big Ben is getting more comfortable starting after his 4 game suspension. The Steelers defense will be the key to this game.

Jaguars over Cowboys. You can stick a fork in the Cowboys. Jon Kitna is not the guy to rely on in a must win game. His skills are too limited to run the Cowboys offense for an extended period of time. Tony Romo's injury sealed the Cowboys fate this season.

Sounders over Galaxy. The Sounders have momentum from the regular season and the advantage of playing the first game at home in front of a roaring crowd on Halloween. A big game from Freddie Montero will put Landon Donovan and David Beckham on their heels.

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