Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are The Yankees Bad For Sports?

When I saw the Texas Ranges up 5-0 in the 7th inning last night I turned the channel and assumed the outcome was inevitable. Several minutes later a friend of mine sent me a text saying, "We got ourselves a game son!" I flipped back to TBS just in time to see the New York Yankees take the lead 6-5 and Mariano Rivera close the door in the 9th. The scene was all too familiar. The Yankees were high fiving and chest bumping as they once again sucked the life out of their opponent. They are too stacked not to win the World Series again this year. Is it unfair the Yankees get to stockpile talent while smaller markets suffer under the weight of economic pressures? Clearly the playing field is un level, but is that a bad thing? In my opinion the Yankees are an example of capitalism at its finest. If you have the money why not spend it? You can't feel sorry for using an unfair advantage (that's perfectly within the rules) to get what you want. Sports needs Goliaths. Sports fans tune in to see if somebody, anybody can stop the bullies in pinstripes. This is a good thing. It fosters an environment of optimism that the little guy can overcome insurmountable odds and achieve their goals. Even if the thought is unrealistic fans need to believe it is possible otherwise they will give up hope and surrender to the feeling of inferiority. America respects dominance and greatness and the Yankees have both. When the season starts everyone else is playing for 2nd place. I think the Phillies will end up with that distinction this year. Go Yanks! Do your thing!

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