Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Observations

NBA free agency is officially upon us and the main topic of discussion is where Dwight Howard will end up.  Although Howard had a sub par season last year Houston, Dallas, Golden St., Atlanta, and Los Angeles are all on bended knee begging for the opportunity to retain his services.  The NBA is severely lacking quality big men and most of the "franchise" caliber players are spoken for, but does Dwight Howard deserve this much attention?  Wasn't last season a total disaster?  Wasn't he exposed as a player that's mentally weak and physically questionable?  At his best Dwight Howard can be a dominant figure that gets you 20 and 12 every night.  At his worst he's a moody goofball that becomes a distraction and a malcontent.  If I had to handicap where Dwight will end up I'd say he'll end up in the ATL.  They can give him big money, there's little or no pressure to perform at a championship level, and he'll be the biggest star on the team.  A perfect environment for Dwight to excel in.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Two African Americans were taken in the top 10 of the 2013 NHL draft.  Cedric the Entertainer's skit from the Kings of Comedy is coming to life.  I wonder if this will be a turning point for the sport.  More on this tomorrow.

Chris Davis is going ballistic in Baltimore.  At present he is batting .332 with 31 home runs and 80 RBI's before the all star break.  If he keep this pace up he could put up numbers we haven't seen since Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are the first team in the majors to reach 50 wins.  Although they have great pitching and plenty of talented players I can't help but think they're going to choke down the stretch.  They have been in this position for the last few years, but they never get over the hump. 

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