Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is Aquaman Ready To Get Back In The Water?

Anyone that reads comic books or watches cartoons knows Aquaman is not that much of a factor outside of the water.   He has decent strength, good reflexes, and great stamina, but his powers are limited.   As soon as he returns to the water however all that changes.  His powers are infinite, no one can stop him, and the world bows in his presence anticipating the next heroic performance.  Slowly but surely the man we affectionately refer to as Aquaman is starting to figure that out.

After the 2012 Olympic games Michael Phelps was adamant about retiring from competition.  The time, training, and dedication the sport demands had become too much of a burden.  He wanted to live a normal life that didn't revolve around swimming and pursue other interests he would find challenging and rewarding.  The most decorated Olympic athlete in the history of the world was willing to walk away from the sport that made him a legend and never come back.

A year later reports have surfaced Michael Phelps is having second thoughts about his decision.  My guess is reality is starting to set in.  There's no other activity Phelps can participate in that will give him the same satisfaction as competing for a gold medal.  Top athletes in every sport will tell you the hardest thing about retirement is finding an outlet for their competitive drive.  When they come to the realization nothing will replace that they find themselves lost and lacking a sense of purpose.

Michael Phelps experienced that feeling this year.  Just like Clark Kent found out in Superman II being a regular guy is not as cool as being a superhero.  You get your ass kicked and nearly faint at the sight of your own blood.  It's time for Phelps to return to the pool to see if he can add to his TWENTY medal collection.  As I've said many times before an athlete should compete for as long as they can because when it's over, it's over and you don't want to have any regrets.   See you in 2016 Big Mike!  Glad you're starting to come to your senses.

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