Friday, July 19, 2013

Fantasy Football Wildcard #1: Shady McCoy

Because of my impending fantasy football drafts I have to be careful what I say.  I can't divulge too much information with regards to strategy or players I have my eye on, but with training camp opening next week I'm starting to get the buzz.  I'm starting to formulate my plan for destruction, terror, and mayhem.  While I'm in the process of analyzing potential picks I've noticed there's a few wild cards out there that could propel my team to victory or ruin my entire season.  One of those players is Shady McCoy.

I've had Shady on my team in the past and he's been money.  He runs hard and catches out of the backfield.  That was in the Andy Reid system however and now he has the challenge of excelling in Chip Kelly's offense.  Kelly had success in college, but there's no guarantee that offense will work in the NFL.  Kelly can no longer recruit the best players and the speed of the game will be an adjustment for him.  Whenever Oregon played more physical teams the timing always seemed to be interrupted and points came at a premium.

Perhaps I'm being too hard on the guy.  That was then and this is now.  Perhaps Chip Kelly is an innovator like Bill Walsh or Mike Martz and his up tempo offense will take the league by storm.  If so Shady McCoy is the perfect back to execute the plan.  On the flip side the Eagles play in the NFC East with Dallas, Washington, and New York.  Those teams have very unforgiving defenses and time of possession is more critical in the pros than in college.  I haven't decided which way I'm leaning, but my philosophy is always take the talent over the scheme.  Shady has the talent, lets hope the scheme doesn't let him down.     

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