Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Observations

It's fair to say that over the last decade Phil Michelson has had more than his fair share of near victories at major tournaments.  He always plays good enough to keep himself in contention, but not good enough to hoist the big shiny trophy at the end.  On Sunday Phil came from 5 strokes backs going into the final round to win the British Open and capture his 5th major title.  It was unexpected, yet the perfect example of what the game of golf is all about.  If you trust your swing, get lucky bounces, and putt with precision and confidence good things can happen.  Congrats to Phil.

On the flip side it appears Tiger Woods has come down from Mt. Olympus to join the rest of us mortals.  He is no longer the dominant player he once was and the field is no longer afraid of his shadow.  I'd like to see him break the record for most majors, but that seems unlikely the way he's playing right now.  His shaky play down the stretch is more mental than physical if you ask me and until he regains his confidence we will see the same results.  Stay tuned.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Florida Gator middle linebacker Antonio Morrison was arrested over the weekend for barking at a police dog.  His defense was the dog barked at him first.  If it's only July and we're already hearing stories this bizarre the Florida schools could provide us unlimited amounts of entertainment this college football season.

Eric Bedard threw a no hitter for 6 2/3 innings Saturday, but left the game in the 7th with a 2-2 tie.  Usually pitchers in a zone want to take a shot at history, but Bedard reached his maximum pitch count and opted to leave the game.  The decision wasn't popular at the time, but it probably saved Bedard's arm in the long run.  If he pitches 2-3 more seasons it also probably netted him an extra 3 to 5 million dollars. 

Miguel Cabrera currently leads the American league in batting average and RBI's and trails Chris Davis by 6 in home run standings.  It's almost statistically impossible for Cabrera to win the triple crown two years in a row, but for some reason I think he's going to do it.

Do you know who currently has the longest winning streak in baseball right now?  After smashing the Houston Astros 12-5 on Sunday the Seattle Mariners have won 6 straight and are inching closer to .500 ball for the season.  I'm not ready to jump on their bandwagon, but I am impressed with the way they've been able to turn things around recently.  

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