Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Observations

I blogged a few weeks ago that Tim Lincecum hasn't been the same pitcher since he cut his hair.  He must have heard me talking about him because he came out on Saturday and threw the first no hitter of his career.  Going into the game Timmy was a modest 4-9 with a 4.26 ERA, but this performance could turn things around.  There had been rumors the Giants were considering moving Lincecum to the bullpen to yield better results and now he's one of their aces again.  Giants fans however might want to be concerned about Timmy's arm going down the stretch.  Although the no hitter was a historic feat it took 148 pitches to get there.  I'm no doctor, but that seems like an awful lot of stress on an elbow and Tim's not a very big guy.  We'll see if his body can hold.  Congrats to the UW alumni.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

American 100 meter sprinter Tyson Gay and former 100 meter record holder Asaafa Powell both tested positive for banned substances.  I'm not sure this comes as a surprise to anyone.  As with cycling I'm more shocked when the best performers aren't using PED's than when they get caught.

That kid in Baltimore with the Will Clark swing is on quite a tear.  Chris Davis hit his 37th home run yesterday joining Mark McGwire and Reggie Jackson as the only players to hit 37 before the all star break.  He must really be seeing the ball well.  Right?

Cleveland Indians fan Greg Van Niel caught 4 foul balls in the same game on Sunday.  Statistically the odds of accomplishing that feat are one in a trillion. 

Jordan Speith became the first teenager to win on the PGA tour since 1931.  Should we recommend that he go back to school and get his education or is it ok for him to continue to playing professionally? 

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