Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Confessions Of A Hometown Non-Believer

As you might recall I blogged on Monday about the Seattle Mariners having the longest winning streak in baseball.  Since then the Mariners have won their first two games against the Cleveland Indians and are inching closer to the .500 mark for the season.  Although I'm happy for the hometown team I must admit this recent turn of events has caught me by surprise.

To start the season I never really had any faith in the Mariners.  Other than Felix Hernandez the team didn't have any players I thought could make an impact or consistently put up big numbers.  I considered the team a collection of players that were too good for AAA, but not quite good enough for the majors.  When the season began it looked like my theory was spot on.  Then came the youth movement.

The Mariner front office decided to roll the dice with Brad Miller and Mike Zunino and the team has responded.  The chemistry is better, the roles are more defined, and the team has gained more confidence in itself.  With two all star pitchers and a decent closer it looks like the Mariners may have a solid foundation to build on after all.

Instead of jumping on the Mariners bandwagon I will applaud their efforts from a distance.  I was one of the skeptics from the beginning so I don't feel it's right jump in their corner now that they're starting to prove everyone wrong.  Even though I'm a Seattle native it would be hypocritical to start sporting a bunch of Mariner gear and showing up at games as a staunch supporter.  I'll let them have their time and regret the fact I didn't support the hometown team the way I should have.  Of course all bets are off if they make the playoffs.  The bandwagon adds a few more seats in the post season!  Stay tuned.

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