Friday, June 28, 2013

Draft Day Observations

The 2013 NBA draft marked the end of the David Stern era and I for one am not sad to see him go.  As a 206 native and a huge fan of the game his narcissistic egalitarian regime will not be missed.  Maybe now Seattle can get a basketball team and decisions made between grown adults (franchise sales, trade proposals, compensation plans) can be made without the Stern stamp of approval.  Stern did a great job of taking the NBA global and creating economic stability for the league, but his legacy is that of a man with a Napoleon complex that ultimately lost the ability to communicate effectively with the modern day athlete.  We'll see what Adam Silver can do.

But enough about him, let's get to the draft.  Right off the bat the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled a fast one by passing on Nerlens Noel and taking Michael Bennett.  I can't say it was a bad move because the draft wasn't exactly laced with talent and Cleveland has struck gold with their previous two #1 picks. (Kyrie Irving, LeBron James).

New Orleans drafted Nerlens Noel to team up with fellow Wildcat alum Anthony Davis then traded him for all star point guard Jrue Holiday.  Conventional wisdom says go with the twin towers, but I guess the thought of having two big men that have difficulty scoring wasn't that appealing to them.  Kudos to the Pelicans for going against the grain.

There was talk leading up to the draft that Ben McLemore's work ethic was somewhat questionable and subsequently his stock fell dramatically.  The Sacramento Kings selected him with the 7th pick.  Is that a good environment for someone who's lazy already?

The newest member of the 206 NBA club is none other than Peyton Siva.  Siva was drafted in the 2nd round by the Detroit Pistons and I think he'll fit in great there.  All he needs now is a new pair of Now N' Later Gators and a matching derby to blend in with the locals.

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