Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why The NFL IS Condoning Racism?

Sometimes money, power, and popularity makes you arrogant, clueless, and insensitive.  Such is the case with the NFL's stance on the Washington Redskins name change proposition.  In an attempt to bring political correctness to the subject and atone for years of blatant disrespect congress asked Washington's football team to change their name.

In a dismissive fashion only a Caucasian billionaire could pull off owner Dan Snyder told congress he will never change the teams nickname.  That response was unfortunate, but somewhat expected.  Billionaires are used to getting their own way and rarely do they consider the feelings of a minority demographic that has no ability to affect them financially.  The more disturbing part of the story is Commissioner Roger Goodell's misguided support of the Redskins owner.

In an open letter to congress Goodell went so far as to say the name Redskins has no negative connotation whatsoever and in fact was a source of strength courage, pride and respect.  Goodell followed up his ridiculous claim by saying "An associated Press survey conducted just two months ago found that only 11% of Americans felt the name should be changed."

Is the fact that a high percentage of the population is insensitive about the feelings of Native Americans justification to continue a racist tradition?  Isn't the fact Native Americans are offended by the name a good enough reason to take action?  Is there any other demographic that would have this much difficulty removing a racial slur from mainstream society?  You can't say midget or retarded without the whole country jumping down your throat but Redskin is ok?  Even when it's not ok with the people being called Redskin?

In 2013 it's hard to believe you have to convince people how offensive and disrespectful this subject really is.  I can't tell if it's a racial component or an egalitarian position that has the NFL so blinded to the truth.  If there were more minority owners I'm sure the NFL's position would be different.  I don't know any people of color that can't sympathize with the perspective of Native Americans on this subject.  I hope this gets resolved amicably but I predict things will get worse before they get better.  Stay tuned.

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