Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Observations

Super Bowl XLVII ended somewhat as I predicted as the Baltimore Ravens captured their 2nd Lombardi Trophy with a 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers.  I thought the Ravens would get out to a big lead (they did), I thought Colin Kaepernick would make the game close (he did), and in the end the 49ers wouldn't be able to convert a 4th down conversion when it counted (they couldn't).

To be honest, the game turned when former Oregon running back LaMichael James fumbled at the Baltimore 25 early in the first half.  The Ravens capitalized with a touchdown to Dennis Pitta and never looked back.

The momentum almost switched back in the 49ers favor when Beyonce's Bootylicious halftime performance used up all the power in the Superdome.  The Niners got a chance to gain their composure while re-evaluating their offensive and defensive schemes.  I'm not going to say there was foul play involved, but I wouldn't put it past a Niner fan to do something dramatic to save their team from complete and total embarrassment.

In the end the San Francisco 49ers just weren't good enough to win a Super Bowl.  Colin Kaepernick's inexperience showed in the big game.  Perhaps it was a mistake to bench Alex Smith and go with a youth movement.  In addition the vaunted 49ers defense looked very mortal.  I'm not sure I heard the announcers call Aldon Smith's name all game long and cornerback Chris Culliver repeatedly got beat like a rented mule.  The Niners missed their golden opportunity and it's unlikely they will be in this position anytime soon.

They had their chance and they missed it.  At least they came close and fans in the Bay area should take solace in that.  Hopefully they will greet the team at the airport and show their appreciation for giving a great effort and almost winning a Super Bowl.

As for my B3TZ game?  I rattled off 8 of my last 9 B3TZ's, but like the 49ers I came up a little short.  Congrats to DJ Tang for taking the title this week.  It is imperative that I get off to a better start and not dig myself such a deep hole to climb out of.  The quest for the title this week starts with LeBron James!  He better deliver!

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