Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl Prediction: Ravens By 5

It's strange getting ready to watch the Super Bowl when you're indifferent about who wins or loses.  Unlike most years I don't have a team to pull for.  The Ravens have my guy Ray Lewis, but he's been a distraction all week defending himself against the allegations he used deer antler spray.  Deer antler spray?  Really?  That sounds like a Navajo cure all from 1704.  What's next?  Blackberry seeds mixed with pine cone extract to gain a competitive advantage?  The 49ers have Randy Moss, but he's slipped into the Stephon Marbury zone with his claim of being the best wide receiver of all time.  Jerry Rice should punch him in the face wearing all his Super Bowl rings brass knuckle style.

Then there's the Harbaughs, a touching story if you give it 2 hours of coverage.  After 2 weeks however you don't want either one of them to win.  You just want them to go away so you don't have to hear about them anymore.  It's pretty obvious John got the charm and charisma while Jim got 9/10 of the a$$hole gene.  I'm not sure anyone likes that guy outside of a 15 mile radius of San Francisco.

As far as the game goes?  It will come down to Baltimore's ability to make big plays and keep Colin Kaepernick in the pocket.  If he gets out like he did against Green Bay the Ravens have no chance.  If they keep him contained their chances increase exponentially.  Ray Rice needs to get his touches, but he won't determine the outcome of the game.  It's all up to Torrey Smith and Anquan Bolden.  Kaepernick has to be able to keep Baltimore's defense honest with his passing game and Frank Gore has to eat up big chunks of yardage to keep the chains moving.  If they control time of possession they will win.

My prediction you ask?  With no emotion involved and no skin in the game I should be picking San Francisco, but for some reason I think Baltimore is going to come out swinging.  I think they're going to get out to a big lead and hold off a late surge from Kaepernick.  The Niners will fail an a 4th down conversion and Baltimore will run the clock out.  The Ravens win 31-26.  Your thoughts?

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