Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alex Smith Is Fools Gold

The San Francisco 49ers have agreed to trade quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2nd round pick.  This comes as no surprise since the 49ers found their quartrerback of the future in Colin Kaepernick and the 2013 NFL draft is light on signal callers.  Although Alex Smith has an impressive record in his last 25 starts (19-5-1) will he be a good fit for the Chiefs going forward?

Absolutely not.  The last two seasons Alex Smith played on a team that went to the NFC championship game and the Super Bowl.  The 49ers had a top 5 defense and an established running game.  The Chiefs had the worst record in the NFL playing in a mediocre division.  Alex Smith is used to playing in a system that doesn't ask him to do too much and Kansas City needs their quarterback to be dynamic.

In addition, coach Andy Reid is used to dealing with the likes of Bret Favre, Donovan McNabb, and Michael Vick.  Alex Smith doesn't possess that kind of ability.  In the pass happy offense Reid traditionally runs it will be difficult for Smith to duplicate his recent success.  He's never been known for his accuracy down field or making plays with his feet.  If he has to throw 35 to 40 times a game the Chiefs will struggle.

The Alex Smith trade says more about the 2013 NFL draft and free agency than it does about his potential to make the Chiefs relevant again.  There is no Andrew Luck or RGIII to be taken with the #1 pick and no big name free agent looking for a new home.  Alex Smith is certainly better than Geno Smith (no relation) and Matt Barkley so the logic is sound, but I think the results will be less than expected.  The Chiefs have too many problems for Alex Smith to be the answer.  Your thoughts?

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