Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl B3TZ Part II

San Francisco vs. Baltimore

In Super Bowl B3TZ part I I gave you the blueprint to success for both teams, but I didn't mention the intangibles.  An improbable catch, a big punt or kick off returned for a touchdown, or a field goal that hits or misses.  Scott Norwood will go down in infamy for missing wide right and Adam Vinateri will go down in history as a hero for his clutch kicks.  David Akers has struggled all year and it wouldn't surprise me if his futility is the difference in the game.  Likewise Torrey Smith could find himself in the same position as David Tyree if he can get behind the Niners secondary.  Typically a quarterback wins the MVP of the Super Bowl, but every once in a while it's someone that makes a big play at the right time.  I still think it will be a quarterback this year, but you never know.  Frank Gore and Ray Lewis are good candidates for the award if Flacco and Kaepernick don't do something spectacular. 

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