Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Young Sam Rothstein's Tourney Picks

This is the time of year that made Young Sam Rothstein a household name. When the kids take center stage my pockets get fat like I had the mumps. I have to sign autographs, receive indecent proposals from strange women, and hire security to keep people from robbing me. The bracket opens up for me like Neo in the Matrix and I see things before they happen. It's not luck, merely decades of trial and error that have me prepared for this moment.

The tournament field has no favorites and no stand out player that can carry their team to the promised land. The one and done system makes it virtually impossible to maintain a cohesive program and subsequently Mid Majors and teams with experienced back courts have the opportunity to cause upsets. This also helps with the point spread and that's where we make our money. After we win big tomorrow it will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Here are the first round locks. Stay wealthy my friends!

Gonzaga -1 over West Virginia. This is not one of Gonzaga's stronger tournament teams, but West Virginia has a problem with teams that can shoot from the perimeter and keep the game close. A 2 point victory isn't too much to ask.

Connecticut -1 1/2 over Iowa St. The Huskies haven't performed up to expectation this season and the health of coach Calhoun is a major concern. That being said the Huskies are the defending national champions and unfortunately for Iowa St this isn't wrestling.

Murray St -4 over Colorado St. If you just looked at the name alone you probably wouldn't realize the Racers have only lost one game this year. 4 points is a bit of an insult and they will play accordingly.

Duke -12 over Lehigh. The Blue Devils aren't used to seeing a point spread in the teens this early in the tournament, but if the shoe fits go ahead and wear the hell out of it. Lehigh will soon understand why Mike Krzyzewski is the winningest coach in the history of college basketball.


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