Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Observations

People always tell you anything can happen in the NCAA tournament, but no one really believes it. The 2012 version of March Madness has changed that forever with 2 #2 seeds losing in the first round. To say that Duke and Missouri losing crushed my bracket is like saying the Titanic was a small boating accident. I had them both in the final four and Duke in the final game. Missouri was in unfamiliar territory as a high seed so I can almost give them a pass. Duke however should be ashamed of themselves. Coach K should start a slush fund for all bettors that will end up with broken knee caps because of the Blue Devil debacle. Young Sam Rothstein tells me six of his friends have fled the country for Mexico or Canada after blowing their life savings on a Duke/Missouri moneyline. Who wouldn't have taken that bet a week ago? College kids are unpredictable, but not usually to this extent. Big props to go to Norfolk St. and Lehigh. Free white chocolate mocha's for anyone who can tell me where those two schools are located. Here are some observations over the weekend.

Peyton Manning did everyone a favor by picking the team least likely to go to the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos may have been a better fit from a front office perspective, but the 49ers and the Titans would have been down right scary with Peyton at the helm. Manning and Chris Johnson? Manning to Moss or Vernon Davis? It's water under the bridge now and I for one am thankful. Tim Tebow's next stop? The Jacksonville jaguars.

Pete Carroll is back in my good graces. For a second there it looked like every team in the NFC was going to make a major splash except for the Seahawks. The Matt Flynn experiment is a gamble that's not too risky or expensive. He'll either turn out to be Matt Hasselbeck 2.0 or Kevin Kolb Jr. Whatever the case may be it's a upgrade over Tavaris Jackson.

Novak Djokovic has lost to a 2nd player this year (Michael Isner) and it's only March. The aura of invincibility is completely gone and tennis has regained its competitive balance. The men's tour is no longer a two horse race.

Derek Fisher and the Houston Rockets have agreed on a buyout that would make him a free agent. The media has been speculating his next destination will be the Miami Heat. Who would have thought Fish would get his 6th ring before Kobe Bryant? Wow.

If Kentucky plays the way they did against Iowa St. it's a wrap. No other team is as talented as the Wildcats and the draw is unbelievably weak after all the upsets. There is no excuse for John Calipari not winning a national championship this year. Somehow I think he'll find a way to blow it though. Maybe it's because I'm a Calipari hater or maybe it's because he's a natural born choke. Can't decide.

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