Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why The Kingdome Had To Go

Yesterday marked the 12 year anniversary of the implosion of the Kingdome. The iconic Seattle structure was the host to many sporting events including the NBA and MLB all star games, the Final Four, the Seattle Supersonics in their championship year (1979) and the Seattle Mariners during their improbable playoff run of 1995. Although the dome more than served its purpose functionally and financially the city is much better off with Safeco and CenturyLink Field. If you ask anyone that has been to all three venues it's not even close.

I can remember planning to watch the implosion with my friends. For some reason we all had the silly notion that this was a fairly original idea and that less than 200 people would show up to watch the demolition. After a night of serious partying and a quick 6:00 am snack we made our way to the prime viewing location.

To our surprise this was not an original idea. Tens of thousands of people showed up and countless helicopters circled in the air to get a bird's eye view of history in the making. It took all of 25 seconds for the largest concrete structure in the world (when it was built) to be reduced to rubble. It was an awesome spectacle. I can still recall the enormous clouds of dust floating in our direction. I imagine this is what people experienced when Mount St. Helens erupted.

Fortunately for my man Chris Hansen there will be no need for these type of theatrics when he constructs his new multi faceted sports arena. I'm sure the arena will breathe new life into the city and create a buzz throughout the country. At least that's how I've drawn it up in my mind.

Although I saw several games, concerts, and shows at the Kingdome I can't say as I really miss it. The dome had outlived its usefulness and it was time for a change. Hopefully the Chris Hansen project will have the same effect the last two stadiums had. Do you think they'll have manicurists at the new facility to care for my delicate cuticles? I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Hurry up Chris! 206 sports fans can't wait!

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