Friday, March 2, 2012

Why I'm Voting For Barack Obama

POTUS: So Chris was one of the guys who played and I did a crossover on him. He claims that he could have stolen the ball. Everybody knows that's not true. The second time he might have stolen the ball, but the first time he didn't know I had that move on me.

BS: So you surprised him with it?

POTUS: I did. Yes. My crossover is solid.

Barack Obama's comments about playing against Chris Paul.

It's hard to believe the President of the United States talks more trash than I do. When I first heard Barack Obama's podcast with Bill Simmons I couldn't tell if I was listening to the most powerful man in the world or a cross between Michael Irvin and Gary Payton. Even if I don't believe everything he says I must admit the President has a swagger that I can appreciate.

I'm not here to defend his policies on terrorism, the deficit, or free trade, I'm here to defend his confidence and presence. There have been past Presidents that were avid sports fans, but none of them had the audacity to claim their skills were on par with a professional athlete. Perhaps it's because he's younger. Perhaps it's because he played D-1 ball and still remains active. Perhaps it's because he's cocky and arrogant. Whatever the case may be that mindset is something I can relate to and rally around.

When the chips are down and things get difficult Barack Obama still believes he can get the job done. His over competitive nature combined with a will to win can help lead our country to a more prosperous future. I'm sure there are critics that don't find these attributes particularly appealing or signs of effective leadership, but for my money it's definitely a positive. The trash talking didn't seal my vote, but it did help a little.

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