Monday, May 16, 2011

Will The New York Yankees Make The Playoffs?

It's all doom and gloom for the Yankees right now. They just lost 3 straight games at home to the dreaded Boston Red Sox, I hear CC Sabathia wants MORE money or he's opting for free agency next year, Derek Jeter is barely hitting above .200, and Alex Rodriguez is in and out of the line up. The A.J. Burnett experiment has been a total failure and we didn't get Cliff Lee or Zack Greinke in free agency. To make matters worse our glue guy is coming undone. Joe Girardi totally disrespected Jorge Posada by asking him to bat 9th and Jorge got all pissed and pulled himself out of the line up. Now they're saying if he doesn't do something big in the next few days the Yankees are going to ship him out of town. This is not the Yankees team I expected to see. This is not the Yankees team I was promised. How do they expect us to pay $1,500 a ticket when they put that garbage on the field? How can they justify that? All I know is if they don't turn it around by the end of the month heads will roll and it's not going to be pretty I promise you that. Hal won't stand for it. Just like his old man he'll fix this no matter what the cost.

Thoughts from a frustrated Yankee fan.

As usual everyone in New York panics at the first sign of trouble with their beloved Yankees, but this time there's legitimate cause for concern. Although the Yankees are only 2 games out of first place and we're not even a 1/4 of the way into the season, the team is in disarray. Derek Jeter (36 years old) hasn't emotionally recovered from his contract dispute in the offseason, Alex Rodriguez (35 years old) is tying up $32,000,000 in salary while batting .250 with 6 home runs, and Jorge Posada (39 years old) is batting a miserable .165 in the last year of his 4 year $52,000,000 contract. The Yankees are stuck with these aging veterans because their contracts are too large for anyone else to take on. In hindsight ownership expected much greater production from these 3 players and now they have to play the hand they're dealt. If they don't throw good money after bad before the trade deadline and acquire some younger talent the Yankees may not even make the playoffs with a payroll over $200,000,000.

Maybe these 3 perennial all all stars turn it around and save the Yankee season, but history shows us that probably won't happen. It's time for a changing of the guard in the Bronx. Jeter is still the unquestioned leader, but the focal point of the team has to be Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano going forward. The team can't rely on A-Rod putting up video game numbers anymore and once Jesus Montero is ready to play catcher ever day the Yankees will have no more use for a 39 year old DH who can't hit is weight in average. The Yankees made the mistake of projecting too far into the future based on the past performance of their core players. Look for them to atone for their error by adding a dynamic right or left fielder. If they don't what will they tell their fans?

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