Monday, May 2, 2011

Sonics And Thunder Are Not The Same!

For most people time heals all things. Bad deeds and injustices can be forgiven and eventually people can embrace those that have wronged them. Then there are those people (mostly Scorpio's) that have a difficult time letting past indiscretions go. It is the principle of the matter that fuels them and the injustice in their minds will never deserve complete forgiveness. They remain stubborn and angry until the bitter end. Guess which side of the ledger I'm on?

Over the weekend I went to the Bleacher Report website to post one of my blogs when I came across a very interesting story. The article listed the best player in each NBA franchise's history. When I got to the Oklahoma City Thunder the author had Gary Payton listed as the franchise's best player. I was incensed! how could someone possibly associate Gary Payton with the Oklahoma City Thunder? I immediately posted a comment suggesting that Gary Payton and the Oklahoma City Thunder should never be mentioned in the same breath. I have to admit that after my strong words I felt vindicated.

To my surprise the comments from around the country were not favorable towards my position. People told me to get a life. People told me the Seattle Supersonics were no different than any other team that has relocated. People told me to stop blaming the players and Oklahoma City for the relocation because it wasn't their fault. People said Gary Payton was just as much a Thunder as he was a Sonic because the franchise is the same.

Perhaps it's just me being a homer, but my conscience won't allow me to associate Gary Payton with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In my mind Clay Bennett took the team and started a new history in Oklahoma City completely separate from the one he left in Seattle. Let Kevin Durant be the best player the Thunder franchise has ever had and when Seattle gets an expansion team the Sonic history starts all over again. Am I being a little bitter? Did I take the comments too personal? Should I just let it go and move on? Your thoughts.


  1. no you are totally right. GP played for the Sonics, not the Thunder, and HE would be offended to be called a part of the Thunder (I assume).

  2. I agree. The two teams are different. It's kind of ridiculous. Thunder will lose all of those stats when Seattle gets a new team called the Super Sonics?

  3. Thanks for the read. Hopefully that's soon.