Friday, May 13, 2011

Bernard Hopkins Shows His Ignorance

"Why do you think McNabb felt betrayed? Because McNabb is the guy in the house while everybody else is in the field. He's the one who got the extra coat. The extra servings. You're our boy. He thought he was one of them."

Bernard Hopkins' comments on Donovan McNabb.

Bernard Hopkins derogatory comments about Donovan McNabb are thoughts many African Americans living in the inner city share. There is a belief that if you didn't grow up on welfare, live in a crack infested neighborhood, join a gang, or hear gun shots outside your window every night, you're an Uncle Tom or a sell out. There is animosity towards Black people that didn't come from the projects and could afford nice things for themselves growing up. Is it jealousy or ignorance that fuels this mind set?

In my opinion it is a combination of the two. Whenever someone is in an adverse situation it is only natural to envy people that have more than you do. Psychologically it's hard to rationalize why they deserve to have thew finer things in life while you struggle for basic necessities. That dynamic makes it difficult to acknowledge and accept the accomplishments of others without hate in your heart. In addition, there is a pre-conceived notion that all Black people that don't sing and dance, make movies, or play sports should live in the ghetto forever.

The reality is not every Black person in America comes from an impoverished, broken home. Believe it or not some Black people actually grow up in a household with their mother and father and get an allowance every week for doing chores around the house. Some Black families go to Disneyland on spring break. Some Black parents live in the suburbs and send their kids to college. It truly is possible to have those things without being an Uncle Tom or losing your sense of self, but if you've never had exposure to that demographic how would you know?

Jalen Rose made similar comments to the ones Bernard Hopkins made in his documentary on the Fab 5. He characterized Grant Hill in the same way Bernard Hopkins characterized Donovan McNabb. The difference is Jalen Rose sees things differently now. As a grown man who's made in excess of $75,000,000 in his life and has children of his own he doesn't feel the same way anymore. His life experiences have changed his opinion. Bernard Hopkins is 46 years old and still thinks all articulate, educated, successful Black people that come from a middle class environment (or better) are sell outs.

I wonder what Bernard Hopkins wants for his own kids. Does he make them eat government cheese and read by candlelight just to keep it real? Does he make them skip school so they won't become educated and earn better wages in life? Will he teach them how to cook cocaine so they can make a few extra dollars? Unlikely. As a multi millionaire I'm sure he buys his children new shoes, i phones, and video games with a college fund set aside. If you listen to Bernard's words he's raising a bunch of Uncle Tom's. If you don't listen to Bernard's words he's living the American dream. Your choice to listen or not.

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