Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did Jim Tressel Do The Right Thing?

Jim Tressel would like us to believe that he stepped down as the coach of Ohio St. for noble reasons. He'd like us to think he only did wrong to protect the university and its players from unwanted publicity and punishment. The reality is much different.

Jim Tressel RAN OUT on Ohio St. University because he knows what's about to happen. As hard as Jim Tressel and the athletic director tried to sweep the Ohio St. scandal under the rug the truth is starting to emerge. Improper benefits and the selling of bowl game memorabilia is just the tip of the iceberg.

Soon they will find out Terrelle Pryor received cars and his family received money. Soon they will find out other players were involved in money laundering schemes. Soon the will find out Jim Tressel knew all along and his squeaky clean professor like persona was nothing more than a charade.

We've seen this before when Tressel ran out on Youngtown St. before the school was sanctioned for NCAA violations. We saw this a few years back when Maurice Clarett spilled his guts about the gifts and special perks he received while playing at Ohio St. In each of those instances coach Tressel escaped by the skin of his teeth. This time the evidence is mounting like an avalanche and there's no way to avoid the embarrassment and humiliation on the horizon.

Jim Tressel reminds me of those slick talking preachers you see on TV. Every Sunday they're telling you how righteous they are and how you should avoid sin, but later you find out they have 3 children out of wedlock and run an online porn site. Jim Tressel has always pretended to be something he's not and when the truth is revealed he'll be exposed for the phony he is. There's no more fooling us with the sweater vests and khaki pants. Time to face the music coach.

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