Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rumor Central: Kobe Smashed Pau's Girl

Laker Nation may be in trouble. According to my sources (a well known hair stylist in LA) the feud between Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol runs much deeper than we were led to believe. Word on the street is Kobe Bryant pulled a Tony Parker and slept with Pau Gasol's fiancee'. When Kobe's wife found out about it she confronted Silvia Lopez Castro and Castro admitted the truth. The betrayal led to bad chemistry in the locker room impacting not only the play of Gasol and Brynat, but also Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum. Apparently the "trust" issues Bynum was referring to during a post game interview had nothing to do with help defense.

To make matters worse Jim Buss went out and hired Mike Brown to replace Phil Jackson as coach of the Lakers. If Brown had difficulty controlling Lebron James and his entourage in Cleveland how can we expect him to handle this situation? Even if the rumors are exaggerated (my sources tell me different) Kobe is a handful on his best day and LA is a town that will swallow you whole if you're not careful. The Cavs were happy just to be relevant, but the Lakers expect nothing less than a championship every year. Any other outcome is unacceptable. The former Lebron James yes man is in way over his head.

If the rumors are true either Kobe or Pau must go and it won't be Kobe. Gasol will be the piece going to Orlando for Dwight Howard and not Andrew Bynum. This makes perfect sense because Jim Buss has gone on record saying Bynum is untradeable. Should the Lakers decide to stay pat with their current roster they run the risk of having these chemistry problems destroy the team from the inside out. Stay tuned.

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