Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is Michael Phelps Finished?

Michael Phelps finished a disappointing 6th in the 200 freestyle yesterday in Charlotte. This is coming off a loss in his signature event, the 200 butterfly last month in Michigan. By his own admission Phelps hasn't dedicated himself to training recently and his results are clearly an indication he's nowhere near top form. Has Michael Phelps lost his touch?

To be fair, swimming is a sport that's only relevant once every four years. The Olympic results are all that really matter. Michael Phelps can struggle all he wants so long as he turns on the jets in London a year from now. Until then he will be reaping the benefits of his superstar status. Not only is he cashing in on his record setting 14 gold medals, new endorsements are flooding in for the build up to the 2012 games. Michael Phelps is far and away the most decorated Olympic athlete of our time. There's nothing wrong with taking a moment to enjoy the fruits of his labor. After the 2012 Summer Olympics Michael Phelps' career is essentially over. He might as well take advantage of his accomplishments while there's still time.

When it comes time to compete for the gold medals Aquaman will be just fine. Michael Phelps is one of those rare athletes that stands head and shoulders above his competition. The only man that can beat Michael Phelps in the pool is Michael Phelps. There's still plenty of time for him to get back to a disciplined training regiment. His ability to focus and train hard is not what separates him from the other swimmers anyway. It's his god given talent and his ability to deliver peak performances when it matters the most. Those things haven't changed so don't worry about Michael Phelps too much. Iron lungs will bring back 6 gold medals next year and retire with an even 20. Unreal.

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