Monday, September 30, 2013

SeahawkCentric: A Recap Of The Texans Game

It took a little extra time, but eventually my beloved Seahawks prevailed against the Houston Texans 23-20 in overtime.  The more I think about it the outcome couldn't have turned out any better.  Instead of beating the Texans like a rented mule the Hawks inflicted a slow, painful, cruel defeat on the city of Houston. 

We let their team build up a false sense of confidence and at the last second (on a field goal no less) shattered their dreams with an improbable come from behind victory.  Blow outs are fairly easy to get over, but this kind of loss has a lingering effect.  It's safe to say this week's film session will be difficult to watch and might conjure up emotions of despair and self doubt.  Let's hope the Texans don't develop an inferiority complex.  Then again, let's hope they do.  Here's what impressed me about the Hawks win.

1.  The 2nd half shutout.  Matt Schaub looked like a Pro Bowler in the first half, but after a few adjustments the league's #1 defense gave up zero points in the 2nd half.  As predicted Matt Schaub folded like a bad poker hand when the pressure was on.

2.  Russell Wilson.  Russ didn't exactly put on a passing clinic, but he showed true grit scrambling away from defenders and picking up critical 1st downs.  Our captain put the team on his back and carried them to the promised land.  Without his confidence and never say die attitude the Seahawks could have easily lost the game. 

3.  Richard Sherman.  If you weren't convinced Richard Sherman is the best cover guy in the game Sunday's performance certainly changed your mind.  He's a game changer and someone that will make you pay if you test him over and over again.

4.  Doug Baldwin.  I don't know about you guys, but I think Doug Baldwin might be the team's most valuable player to this point.  Without his tip toe catches on the sidelines the Seahawks could be 2-2 and tied with the Niners in the NFC West.

The undefeated season I predicted is still a reality and the next victim on the schedule are the Indianapolis Colts.  I'll get back to you on Friday with my take on the game.  Until the Let's all keep a SeahawkCentric state of mind shall we? 

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