Friday, September 6, 2013

NFC West Preview: Blog # 1,000

Ladies and gentlemen, family, friends, and followers, I'm pleased to announce this is my 1,000th blog post.  Don't know where all the time went, but it's been a blast.  Getting to interact with you guys on a daily basis and share my unique perspective on the sports world has been a wonderful experience.  It's nice to know my theories and opinions are thought provoking and lead to extended dialogue on whatever topic we are discussing.  For that reason I will continue to write.  The blog is an outlet for me and gives me the opportunity to let my voice be heard. 

Big shout out to Sharron Scott and Nancy Santos for supporting the blog from the beginning and special thanks to Tom Ruggiero, Stacey Strait, Bert Bush, Robert Brown, David Hall, MAD, D York, Ryan Roberson, Jerron Craig, Jameson Croney, Robin Woeltz, Aaron Braganza, Travis Dougherty, Meagan Schwieder, Lognar Barkdale, David Sanchez, Cameron Buford, and B3TZ Sports for the daily banter sessions.  Can't wait for the next 1,000.  We'll see how far I can take this thing!

As you guys may have noticed I saved my NFC West prediction for last.  In my mind it's a foregone conclusion the eventual Super Bowl winner is coming from this division.  It's the division with the NFL's biggest rivalry and the league's 2 best teams.  The trash talking between the Bay Area and the 206 is at an all time high and the chess boxing is off the charts.  For every move the Niners make the Seahawks counter.  For every transaction the Seahawks make the Niners respond.  There's not enough room at the top for the both of them so something's gotta give.  Can't wait to see who's left standing in February.  Here's how the NFC West will shake out.

Arizona Cardinals:  4-12

The good news is Carson Palmer is a significant upgrade at quarterback and Larry Fitzgerald should benefit with a bounce back season.  The bad news is they are caught in the crossfire of an all out street fight for NFC supremacy.  The two teams at the top can't afford losses to the Cards and the team in the middle of the pack (St. Louis) is trying to make a name for themselves Benny Blanco style.  The Cards need more talented players like Patrick Peterson before they can be a factor.

St. Louis.  8-8

While everyone is talking about San Francisco and Seattle the Rams are quietly building a solid franchise that will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.  It's not their time just yet so they will have to settle for moral victories and quality losses that give them valuable experience.  The Rams won't be pushed around for long and you better bring your "A" game if you expect to win against them this season.

San Francisco 49ers:  12-4

The defending NFC champions were oh so close to hoisting the Lombardi trophy last year and will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.  The team has a dynamic quarterback, a tremendous defense, and a strong running game.  There's no reason to believe they won't be a huge factor in determining who will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year.

Seattle Seahawks:  12-4

This is the year the Seattle Seahawks win their first Super Bowl.  I would like to say I'm being completely objective in my assessment, but that would be a lie.  I am emotionally and psychologically vested in the outcome of this season.  As my good friend Tony Samaniego would say, Super Bowl or suicide! There is some logic to my prediction however.  The Hawks have a strong running game, a top 5 defense, and a quarterback that has great athleticism and a tremendous work ethic.  The Niners will do their best to spoil the parade, but this is the year of the Hawks!

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