Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Observations

In fantasy football a lot of guys find it hard to function without the Breesy by their side. I was fortunate enough to play 2 teams this week while Drew Brees was on a bye week, but unfortunately I could only take advantage of one of the match ups. In my JV league I managed to out think myself by starting Denarius Moore instead of Torrey Smith and that decision cost me 30 points. My opponent has Welker, Gronkowski, and Branch going tonight and I'm only up by 40 points. I'm not overly optimistic. In my hurt your feelings league I'm trailing by 4 points, but I have Welker going so I'm not sweating it. As Van Wilder would say go ahead and write that one down. In my smack talking league I finally posted a win thanks to Matt Stafford and Vincent Jackson. No bagel for me this year. Here are some weekend observations.

The Seattle Seahawks are getting too good. After pummeling the lowly St. Louis Rams the chances of drafting a top flight quarterback are diminishing. I hope Pete Carroll has a trick up his sleeve.

Justin Verlander followed up his Cy Young award with an AL MVP trophy. Is this a testament to his greatness or an indication no one else had a particularly good season?

The Buffalo Bills are starting to look like Usain Bolt running a marathon. After their surprise start the league has started to make adjustments and I doubt this team will make the playoffs.

The shankapotimus award is starting to take on a life of its own. This weekend we had 3 kickers cut the hearts out of fans and teammates. Oregon, Oklahoma St., and the Washington Redskins all fell victim to the wide right syndrome. Kickers will ruin your life.

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