Friday, November 4, 2011

The Tim Tebow Experiment

Sometimes you want to see someone succeed so badly you can't see reality. I have been a victim of this many times. I wanted to see Kobe Bryant win his 6th championship so badly I thought he could erase a 22 point deficit in the 4th quarter. I wanted Dan Marino to win a Super Bowl so badly I thought he could beat one of the greatest football teams ever assembled (The 1984 San Francisco 49ers). I'm still waiting for Reggie bush to show the brilliance he displayed at USC.

Denver Bronco fans suffer from the same affliction. They want to see Tim Tebow succeed so badly that they completely overlook the obvious. Tim Tebow is not a franchise quarterback. He doesn't read defenses, his mechanics are horrible, and he shouldn't be starting in the NFL. He's an upstanding Christian man who's likable and a role model for your kids, but that doesn't mean he's capable of leading the Broncos to the promised land.

The NFL is all about adjustments and after watching film on Tim Tebow the league has figured out how to exploit his weaknesses. So long as Tim Tebow is the starting quarterback in Denver they will not win another game.

It's a shame the things you do in college don't always translate at the next level. Once you create a certain standard for yourself people expect you to duplicate that level of success. Tim Tebow is haunted by his accomplishments at Florida and the unrealistic expectation of the Denver Bronco fans. In the end he will fall miserably short.

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