Friday, August 5, 2011

Seahawks Training Camp Observatioms

As the self proclaimed expert on all things sports related and a staunch supporter of all teams from the 206 I felt compelled to attend a Seattle Seahawks practice (special thanks to the Hampton and Artis family). My objective was to observe and report on the status of Seattle's football team.

I had no idea what to expect and no preconceived notions as to what practice would be like. There were people of all sizes, shapes, and colors with two common goals, support the Seahawks and see what the team had to offer. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and came away with 5 distinct observations.

1. The defense is waaay ahead of the offense. I saw no explosive plays and the defense clearly dominated the offense. I don't know whether to be optimistic or pessimistic about the fact the defensive line pushed around the offensive line without Red Bryant in the line up.

2. Tavaris Jackson is not the truth. I'm pulling for the guy, but I didn't see him complete a pass over 5 yards and saw nothing that gave me the impression he's a long term solution to the quarterback position. Don't be surprised if Charlie Whitehurst is named the starter at the end of training camp.

3. Earl Thomas is the only star on the Seahawks roster. Earl Thomas is a play maker. He's the only guy that looked special out there. His spot is secure, but everyone else is in a battle for playing time at their position.

4. The Seahawks have too many receivers. The Seahawks have about 12 receivers in camp and most teams start the season with 6 or 7. The receiver position will be the most highly contested on the team. I think Kris Durham is on borrowed time. Not enough big plays and several dropped balls is a death sentence.

5. Pete Carroll is overly popular. If the head coach is the guy that gets the most attention after practice and is the most eagerly anticipated autograph there's a problem. That means your team has no recognizable stars and your team is a ways away from being a contender. Good thing REAL Seahawks fans realize the team is in rebuilding mode and we can't really make an accurate assessment of what this team can do until next year.

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