Friday, August 26, 2011

NFC East Champions: Philadelphia Eagles

Without question the NFC East is the most glamorous division in football. The division where America's team resides, Peyton's brother Eli leads the New York Giants, and Michael Vick has re-invented himself in Philadelphia gets lots of attention. All four teams carry a deep rooted history and a winning tradition. This year the NFC East will be a two team race however and one of those teams might even win the Super Bowl. Here is how the NFC East will shake out.

Division winner: Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are stacked with talent and built to win THIS SEASON. Anything less than a Lombardi trophy would be considered a disappointment and the league will suffer accordingly. Winning the division is a foregone conclusion.

2nd place: Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo is back and that's a huge plus. With the departure of Marion Barber III Felix Jones will become the featured back. Dez Bryant and Miles Austin make a great receiving tandem and perennial all pro Jason Witten is in great shape. Look for the Cowboys to rebound and make the playoffs this season.

3rd place: New York Giants. The season hasn't even begun and already the New York Giants are decimated with injuries in the secondary. The NFL is a pass happy league and their weakness will be exploited to the fullest. I don't see the Giants making the playoffs.

Last place: Washington Redskins. The Washington Redskins will start the season with Rex Grossman or John Beck as their starting quarterback and that's not a good thing. To make matters worse head coach Mike Shanahan still hasn't figured out that players don't like him and the game has passed him by. The Redskins are a 5 win team.

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