Monday, August 29, 2011

My Fantasy Draft #2

I had the 2nd of my 3 fantasy drafts on Saturday and I am not impressed with the way things turned out. This particular draft is an auction format and last year I absolutely nailed it. I ended up with Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, DeSean Jackson, and Lesean McCoy. I got to the semis and lost a close match to the eventual runner-up of the league.

This year my strategy backfired on me. When Adrian Peterson came off the board for an obscene amount of money and Jamaal Charles got purchased for twice his value I started to panic. I went all in for Aaron Rodgers thinking that the elite quarterbacks would get snatched up early. To my surprise two MVP quarterbacks were nabbed (Tom Brady and Peyton Manning) for 50% less than I paid for Rodgers. Once that happened I lost focus and the bad strategy began to snowball on me.

My running backs are average at best. Ahmad Bradshaw, Mark Ingram, and Reggie Bush don't exactly strike fear in my opponents. Couple that with mediocre receivers (Wes Welker and Plaxico Burress) and suddenly I'm behind the 8 ball before the season even starts. I'm going to have to rely on my free agency wizardry if I want to have any chance of being a factor in this league.

The sad part is if I don't get my act together I hay have to be quiet this season. As you might expect I've been talking more trash than the law allows leading up to this season and without explosive weapons around me I may be forced to eat humble pie. Humble pie is an acquired taste I simply don't have. Anything can happen on any given Sunday and I'm not throwing in the towel, but I may be forced to bite my tongue until I can turn this thing around. How boring is that?


  1. All is not lost man :)
    Bradshaw could possibly score 10 TDs, while Burress is going to be Sanchez safety blanket in the red zone. Welker should catch a ton of passes this year. Lastly, Pierre Thomas is not 100% healthy, which means more opportunities for Ingram.
    Let the games play out!!!

  2. I hope you're right, but when you can buy the players you want you should come out with a better team. Perhaps I'm just being hard on myself.