Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fantasy Draft #1

I had the first of my 3 fantasy drafts a few days ago and there's already some controversy. One of the guys in the league is complaining that we had the draft on the same day as his anniversary which put him at a distinct disadvantage. Obviously he had plenty of time to re-arrange those plans so I don't know what the big deal is. An anniversary celebration lasts a couple of minutes, fantasy football goes for 16 weeks. It's simple mathematics.

Anyways enough about him, let's talk about the future league champion Cleavie Wonder. The season is right around the corner and dare I say my team is explosive. As fate would have it I ended up with Michael Vick with the 4th selection and came back with Maurice Jones-Drew with the 19th pick. In the 3rd round I picked up Vick's favorite target DeSean Jackson followed by Dallas Clark and Ryan Grant. Johnny Knox rounds out my starters so as you can see my first string has no weaknesses.

My back ups aren't half bad either. Ryan Torain will get the bulk of the carries in Washington now that Clinton Portis is gone, Matt Stafford should have a bounce back year after shoulder surgery, Jimmy Graham will replace Jeremy Shockey in New Orleans, and Nate Burleson will take advantage of the double teams Calvin Johnson draws.

Injuries will ultimately dictate how successful my team will be, but if they stay healthy my team will roll. It will be difficult to curb my enthusiasm if the squad lives up to its potential. One draft down, two to go and I'm feeling real good about my chances to wind up with the chip. Stay tuned.

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