Friday, July 29, 2011

Vince Young Is The Next Michael Vick

How many times have we heard this story? A talented athlete with maturity and leadership issues gets discarded from the team that drafted him only to resurrect his career with another team. The talented, but troubled Vince Young looks like he's about to add his name to the list of players that turn their lives around once they are down to their last strike. After being released by the Tennessee Titans Vince Young has found a home in Philadelphia signing a one year deal with the Eagles. Will he turn out to be the next Michael Vick?

Their stories are similar. Like Michael Vick Vince Young was a star in college that ended up as the #3 pick in the draft 5 years ago and like Michael Vick his leadership and work ethic have been questioned. He constantly bumped heads with then head coach Jeff Fisher and even went so far as to stay in Miami after a game with the Dolphins (to kick it on South Beach no less) rather than travel with the team. His act wore thin with Titans management and they showed him the door.

With no other suitors in free agency and no team willing to give him a starting job as quarterback Vince Young's only option was holding a clip board and signaling plays from the sideline. Once again Philadelphia has embarked on a project they hope will pay dividends. What better person to get advice from than Michael Vick? A man that had it all, lost everything, and is on the verge of having it all again. If he pays attention the lessons learned from Michael Vick could change his life.

The most important part of this equation is opportunity. With the style of football Michael Vick plays it's unlikely he will stay healthy for an entire season. His ribs and hamstrings won't allow it. Vince Young will have a chance to showcase his talent at least 3 or 4 times on a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

If he shows the ability to master the offense and lead his team to victories there's no reason some franchise won't give him a shot next year as a starter. Vince Young is in the perfect situation to put his career back on the right track. Let's see what he does with it.

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