Friday, July 22, 2011

Is Tiger Woods The New Icecube?

You know your fame and influence are out of this world when you can't even fire your bag boy without starting controversy. Tiger Woods parted ways with his longtime caddie Steve Williams and the break up was bitter to say the least. Steve Williams has gone on record saying he wasted the last two years of his life and the decision caught him completely off guard. Is Tiger Woods a bad person for letting Steve Williams go?

Absolutely not. Tiger Woods made a decision that was in his best interest going forward. He didn't send Steve Williams a text message, post his firing on a website, or send him a tweet. Tiger fired him face to face and man to man. There is no nice way to inform someone their services will no longer be needed so what more can you ask for? The two had a lot of success together but does that mean Tiger Woods can't decide to go in a different direction?

To be fair Steve Williams had the opportunity of a lifetime as the caddie for Tiger Woods. He's made MILLIONS of dollars, traveled the world in first class, and got to be a part of history carrying golf clubs for the athlete of the decade. His life will be forever changed because of the experience. Shouldn't he be thanking Tiger Woods for time well spent instead of criticizing him in the media? I guarantee you won't hear his name nearly as often (if ever) now that he caddies for Adam Scott full time. If you don't know who Adam Scott is believe me you're not alone.

Winning cures all things so as soon as Tiger hoists a big shiny trophy over his head all will be forgiven. Everyone will stop with the second guessing and realize in some instances change is for the best. Until then Tiger Woods remains the athlete you love to hate living under a microscope. Let's hope he doesn't fire his chef or personal trainer. Things could get really ugly then.

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