Monday, July 25, 2011

The Legend Of Brian Wilson

I don't typically care for athletes with a wacky demeanor, but I have to admit Brian Wilson is starting to grow on me. The San Francisco Giants closer has the ability to back up his quirkiness with a league leading 31 saves for a team with the best ERA in baseball. If he continues with his dominant ways the Giants have a great chance to repeat as World Series champs.

Brian Wilson is not only a character he's a team leader. The Giants rally around his persona and adopt his attitude and swagger. He gives them a nasty streak and a confidence that carries the team to the next level. Other than Brian Wilson the San Francisco Giants are a collection pf regular guys that go out and do their job without publicity. Aside from Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum the team doesn't possess a bona fide superstar fans outside of the bay area have ever heard of.

That's what makes Brian Wilson so unique. The media is starting to gravitate towards him because he's wild, zany, and unpredictable. As he racks up the saves his mystique only gains in popularity and the coverage of his weird antics and rituals increases.

He got my attention because I realize how important a reliable close is for post season success and Brian Wilson is the best in the business right now. He's forced me to look past the idiosychrasies of his personality and appreciate his impact on the game. When he's on his game he's virtually unhittable and strikes fear in his opponents.

From the ridiculous beard reminiscent of a young Santa Claus to the bizarre one liners in post game interviews to the graphic tattoos streaming across his neck Brian Wilson is an original. My hunch is he'll have his own reality show by years end (especially if the Giants win the World Series again). Stay tuned.


  1. go to facebook and search for the group... Brian Wilson to host SNL... the dude is flat out a better comedian than a closer... and he is the best closer in the game... he is flat out funny...

  2. I'll check it out. Thanks for the read.