Friday, September 24, 2010

Wanna Make Some Money?

If you've ever seen the movie Casino you know that Robert Deniro's character Sam Rothstein was a sportsbook genius. In the mid to late 90's I was every bit as good as him. The pit bosses in Vegas affectionately referred to me as Young Sam Rothstein because I had my finger squarely on the pulse of sports wagering. I made a ton of money and if it wasn't for the Mrs. fearing I'd lose control and gamble away all of our worldly possessions I'd still be doing it. Fortunately for you guys I still have the knowledge and I'm more than happy to share it with you. Here are my picks for the weekend.

Indy -5 over Denver. After a slight speed bump in week one Peyton Manning's got his groove back. Joseph Addai is running the ball better and their offense has more balance. Denver was fortunate last week and capitalized on turnovers. They won't have Matt Hasslebeck throwing the ball to them this Sunday. Colts by at least a touchdown.

Green Bay -3 over Chicago. Clay Matthews is becoming a dominant linebacker before our very eyes and Green Bay has Super Bowl aspirations. Aaron Rodgers wants to make Packer fans forget Brett Favre ever played there. Chicago benefited from a blown call in week one and an underachieving Dallas team in week 2. They will not be so lucky this week.

Cincinnati -3 over Carolina. Always bet against a rookie quarterback in his NFL debut. Jimmy Clausen is not ready for prime time and the Bengals defense is tenacious. Carson Palmer, T.O. and Ocho Cinco will take advantage of a short field all day.

Arkansas +7 over Alabama. Ryan Mallett is a Heisman candidate playing at home and won't look as bad as Jake Locker did at home last week. This is an opportunity for the Razorbacks to shock the world. If Alabama has any thoughts of winning back to back national championships this is a must win game. It will be closer than 7 points either way.

Oregon St +17.5 over Boise St. Some people have referred to me as a Boise St. hater and maybe they're right. I just don't believe they are as talented as everyone thinks. The Rodgers brothers will bring their "A" game and show those Broncos what Pac 10 football is all about. 17.5 points is an insult.

My advice to my fans, friends, and followers is use this information to get rich! I suggest using the conservative 2 team parlay method for the majority of your wagering and the sexy 3 team parlay for a small percentage. 6 to 1 odds sounds real nice, but only in small doses. Good luck everybody!

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