Saturday, September 25, 2010

HTB Statements

It's time for another installment of HTB statements. For those of you not familiar with what HTB means HTB refers to statements that are hard to believe. Here's a few for your reading pleasure.

1. Michael Redd will make $18,300,000 to play basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks this season.

2. Ichiro has 200 hits for 10 seasons straight and still gets criticized.

3. Other than Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing doesn't have a single fight fans really want to see.

4. Kevin Durant hasn't reached his potential yet and he's already capable of averaging 30 points per game.

5. The transcripts for Eric Bledsoe have mysteriously vanished.

6. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is 2162 points behind the Sprint Cup leader and has $3,793,528 in prize money.

7. Antonio Cromartie has 4 children 3 years old.

8. Braylon Edwards got pulled over for having too dark of a tint on his windows.

9. Tiger Woods has not won a golf tournament all year.

10. Greg McElroy (the starting quarterback for Alabama) hasn't lost a game he's started since the 8th grade.

11. The Washington Huskies have only been to one bowl game this decade.

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