Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Seahawks Win Super Bowl XLVIII

I made a comment on my blog in April that Pete Carroll could be the next Jimmy Johnson. My hunch was confirmed on Sunday when Jimmy himself compared his experience with the Cowboys to what Pete Carroll is going through with the Seahawks. The comparison is easy to make. The Miami Hurricanes dominated the college football landscape in the early 80's and when Jimmy made the transition to the NFL he rebuilt the Cowboys using the Miami blueprint and Miami players he acquired through the draft or in free agency. The Cowboys were built on Miami speed and talent with such players as Michael Irvin, and Russell Maryland. Within 5 years the team won back to back Super Bowls. Pete Carroll is doing the same thing in Seattle. USC has dominated the college landscape over the last decade and he has started the rebuilding process by adding Mike Williams and revitalizing Lofa Tatupu. There will be more Trojans to come and the Seahawks will profit from Carroll's relationship with USC and their players Pete Carroll established the pipeline that has flooded the NFL with talent for years and now he gets a chance to reap the benefits himself. For the next 2 years Pete Carroll will have an advantage over other coaches in the fact that he's seen all the best players in the country first hand. Whether it's a player that didn't get along with his coach, or a player who's had injuries, or a player that just didn't fit the scheme of the team they played for, Pete Carroll knows about them. His strength will be assessing talent and putting players in a position to succeed. The draft and unsigned free agents will be the key to getting the Seahawks back on top. Eventually the roster will be stocked with players that can execute his system. I know it's just one game, but after the way the Seahawks dismantled the 49ers on Sunday I'm taking a big swig of the Carroll Kool-Aid. He has changed the culture around Seattle in a few short months and his vision is becoming clearer everyday. Build a team with talented players that buy into your system and good things will happen. We won't see the results overnight, but after 2 more drafts the Seahawks will have enough talent to contend for a Super Bowl. Mark my words.

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