Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kickers Will Ruin Your Life

First off, congrats to all my friends, fans, and followers who took the advice of Young Sam Rothstein over the weekend. I was a flawless 4-0 going into the Monday night game and if it hadn't been for Aaron Rodgers forgetting he is an elite quarterback I would have been perfect. Nevertheless Ken Roye from Cleveland came up $1800 and earned some extra spending cash for his trip to Hawaii. Lois Jacobson from Denver made a cool $1150 and Eddie Carlson from Las Vegas made a respectable $875. Like my man Jay-Z says, you'll get a return on your investment if attention you pay. I'll have more tips for you guys in a few weeks to put you on the road to riches and diamond rings. I never liked placekickers. I never felt comfortable with the outcome of a football game coming down to a field goal. I've been on both sides of the heartbreak. I still remember Scott Norwood going wide right in the Super Bowl against the Giants. I remember being the recipient of Florida St's charity 2 years in a row when their kicker went wide right and wide left against Miami. I remember Mike Vanderjagt costing me money in a playoff game against Pittsburgh with his inexplicable miss. he was the most accurate kicker in the history of football at the time. It's too much to ask of one man to clear all of his thoughts, block out all the distractions, and execute a kick of 100 feet or more to win a game. Their psyche is fragile. If you give a kicker too much time to think about the magnitude of what they are trying to accomplish they will fold like a bad poker hand. On the flip side if they nail the kick they are heroes for a day. It seems unfair to put that kind of pressure on an athlete for one play. Why would you put the fate of a billion dollar entity in the hands of someone you can't really trust? New Orleans and Oakland found out the hard way on Sunday that if your fortunes rest on the leg of a pseudo football player you may die a painful death. I'm not saying kickers aren't important because they are. It's better to score some points than no points and if you have a good one they are a valuable weapon. What I am saying is use the kicker as a last resort because they are not a sure thing. Red zone touchdowns will solve this problem. Go for it!

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