Friday, January 6, 2012

Young Sam Rothstein's Playoff Picks

Ladies and gentlemen, family, friends, and followers the playoff are upon us. The regular season is where you make your name, but the playoffs is where you get your fame. Even after 25 years in the business I still get goose bumps this time of year. Casinos fear me, bookies won't make eye contact with me, and street corner chumps run the other way when they see me coming. That's because they all know with my financial backing and my unbelievable attention to detail and nuance I could ruin their entire organization in one weekend. No one man should have all that power, but I try not to abuse it. You however should take my picks and start the new year off with a bang. Get to know the Brinks truck drivers on a first name basis. Here's your path to success.

Detroit +10 1/2 over New Orleans. Drew Brees has been putting it on people as of late, but the Saints defense has no answer for Megatron. Detroit can score enough points to keep the game close. they may not win, but that's not my concern.

New York -3 over Atlanta. The Giants have been in playoff mode the last two weeks with impressive wins over the Jets and the Cowboys. They will keep the trend going with big plays from Victor Cruz and the defensive line.

Pittsburgh -9 over Denver. The Steelers are the wrong team to try and run some gimmick offense against. With a quarterback that can't complete more than 40% of his passes the Broncos have no shot. This one will get ugly.

Cincinnati +3 1/2 over Houston. In the battle of the rookie quarterbacks I'm going with Andy Dalton. He's proven all year he can make big plays when it counts. Houston is just happy they made the playoffs and that attitude is a recipe for disaster.

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