Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Did Jorge Posada Retire Too Soon?

In an emotional ceremony Jorge Posada announced his retirement form the game of baseball Tuesday. Over his 17 year career (all with the New York Yankees) Posada won 5 World Series titles and his career numbers are comparable to any catcher in the Hall of Fame. Without question Posada was an integral part of the Yankees most recent dynasty and well respected in the clubhouse. So why did he walk away?

The answer is simple. There's no substitute for being a Yankee. He retired because emotionally and psychologically he couldn't bring himself to play for another team. The Yankees didn't offer Posada a contract for the 2012 season, but if they had I guarantee you he would have been on board for another season.

After you've had Fillet Mignon it's hard to start eating hamburger helper. A stint in Kansas City, Denver, or Toronto wouldn't suffice. Jorge figured he had made enough money and there was nothing left to prove. If he couldn't be a Yankee, baseball wasn't worth playing anymore.

I always say play the sport as long as you're physically able. There's nothing in your life that can replace the feeling of competing every day. In addition, Posada could probably make another 3 to 5 million dollars if he stuck around. Last I checked cash money was still a good thing to have. Good luck in retirement Jorge. I admire you for following your heart.

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