Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Kardashian Effect Part III

Everyone knows I dislike the influence the Kardashians have on the sports world. Kim and Khloe have single handedly ruined the careers of several high profile athletes. Since dating Kim Miles Ausitn has never been the same, Heisman trophy winner and Super Bowl champion Reggie Bush is a shell of his former self, and Kris Humphries went from a no name back up to the most hated athlete in sports.

Although Khloe has only impacted one sports figure the result has been just as devastating. Lamar Odom went from a two time NBA champion and 6th man of the year to an emotional ball of goo. After demanding a trade to the Dallas Mavericks (his feelings were hurt the Lakers tried to move him)he performed so poorly the team paid him to stay away. in short Lammy Kardashian's career is on life support.

To make matters worse the Kardashian effect has found its way into the coverage of the Olympics. Keeping up with the Kardashians is so popular NBC hired Bruce Jenner (Khloe and Kim's stepfather) as a commentator. His interviews are self serving and filled with references to his TV show and career wrecking daughters. It's shameful that NBC and Jenner would purposely use a platform like the Olympics to promote their own agenda and detract from the accomplishments of the athletes. The athletes deserve better.

For the record I'm not hating on the Kardashians success. Any organization that can parlay a sex tape into a multi million dollar empire is clearly business savvy. They are opportunists that struck while the iron was hot and rode the wave. Irregardless of what I think about the show millions of people tune in to follow their soap opera, drama filled lives every week. That being said I don't need to hear about them when I'm watching sporting events. Keep the Kardashians where they belong, in their own distorted reality.

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