Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Observations

I had the opportunity to attend Seahawks training camp over the weekend and I'm a little concerned. There's no real play makers on offense and none of the quarterbacks really established themselves as a front runner for the starting position. Our receivers looked average and Utah St. running back Robert Turbin fumbled the ball several times. With a schedule that includes New England, Green Bay, Chicago, and the New York Jets Pete Carroll better come up with some solutions and quickly. The defense looked pretty good however so hopefully they can help keep the games close. The secondary is without question the strength of the team and Bruce Irvin is a special player. I predict at least 10 sacks for the rookie this season. From what I saw the Hawks will be fortunate to go 9-7 this year. Here are some observations over the weekend.

Don't pick Maurice Jones-Drew or Mike Wallace for your fantasy football teams. Holdouts always get hurt and I don't anticipate either player coming to camp anytime soon. They will not repeat their performances from last year.

Aquaman now has a legitimate rival. If Michael Phelps doesn't get his head in the game fellow countrymen Ryan Lochte will steal the spotlight.

Don Levin is trying his level headed best to complicate plans for a new arena in the SODO. Bringing the NHL to Seattle is noble cause, but not at the risk of ruining the chances for an NBA franchise. His overzealous tactics could blow up the whole thing.

The Washington Huskies and the LSU Tigers have football commitments from kids that aren't even in high school yet. This is morally wrong and will result in an eventual rule change. Why would you allow a 14 year old to make a decision that important so early in their life?

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