Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Observations

I typically don't watch summer league basketball. It's like watching an uneventful JV game where the score doesn't matter and most of the good players go at half speed. It's a glorified training camp for rookies and guys on their last legs. This year however I've decided to take a different approach and watch a few games with an open mind. To my surprise the level of play is not that bad and you can learn a thing or two. Here's what I discovered.

Michael Jordan and Rich Cho got it right picking Michael Kidd-Gilchrist instead of Thomas Robinson. Kidd-Gilchrist looks like he belongs already while Robinson is struggling to find a position and an identity.

Klay Thompson will make Warriors fans forget all about Monta Ellis. His jumper is silky and with the addition of Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes Thompson will get plenty of opportunities to display his unlimited range. He's a star in the making.

Bradley Beal is a little overrated. If he's having trouble getting his shot now what happens when the starters are on the court? There's still time, but his game needs work.

Jimmer Fredette has lost a ton of confidence. It looks like he's still trying to recover from being overshadowed by Isaiah Thomas last year. It might be time for him to move on to a more experienced team with more structure and a defined role for his skill set.

Here are some other observations over the weekend.

The Breesy got paid down in New Orleans, but all is not well with Who Dat Nation. The Saints will still be without Jonathan Vilma and Sean Payton for a whole season and the interim coach will miss the first 8 games. There is too much chaos and not enough cohesion with this team. The Saints won't make the playoffs.

Amir Khan has gone from one of boxing's marquee fighters to a washed up scrub in 6 months. After a surprise loss to Lamont Peterson Khan was stunned again Saturday by Danny Garcia. Watch out for that left hook Amir.

The Seattle Mariners have been shut out twice in the three games since the all star break. Can someone tell me why the hitting coach still has his job?

Hope Solo is arrogant. Just days after getting a pass for failing a drug test Solo admitted to going on the Today show drunk after winning the gold medal in Beijing. She will pay for double crossing the media and putting herself in such a negative context.

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