Friday, July 6, 2012

UW Football Is On The Rise

When I attended the University of Washington the football team was dominant. Husky fans were spoiled by the success of the early 90's. Three straight Rose Bowls and a national championship is nothing to sneeze at. Two decades later the Husky program is in the midst of returning to dominance under coach Steve Sarkisian. Although the schedule is brutal this season (at LSU, at Oregon, Stanford, USC) the future looks promising. So far the recruiting class of 2013 is exceptional and loaded with blue chip prospects. What does this mean for Husky football going forward?

If I keep my homer/alumni cap on it means Husky fans can expect 8-10 wins a year and a top 10 ranking. If I assess the situation from an unbiased perspective the program is headed for probation and off the field issues. That's the price you pay for making the leap from mediocrity to championship contender. The pieces don't come without a little "extra incentive" to the players and a "liberal interpretation" of NCAA guidelines. You can't have one without the other.

I'm sure the casual or naive sports fan thinks I'm being pessimistic and overly cynical, but this is how big time college athletics(especially football) works. The more successful your program becomes the more corners you have to cut. By all accounts Steve Sarkisian and his coaching staff are a great bunch of guys, but they're not saints. If they want to maintain a competitive advantage in the Pac-12 they have to get their hands dirty. If you're a Husky fan you have to be ok with this. Good times are ahead for us, but so are negative headlines. Brace yourself Dawgs!

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