Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Replacement Refs Won't Last Long

The NFL is without question the most profitable and popular sport in the United States. It's a multi billion dollar entity that prides itself on the integrity of the game. NFL franchises have sports fans in the palm of their hands as they root Sunday after Sunday for their favorite team to win and make the playoffs. The game is so popular that even pretend hypothetical football(we like to call it fantasy) has millions of participants that spend hours analyzing stats and stressing over injuries and suspensions. With so much at stake why would the NFL leave the game in the hands of a bunch of scabs?

They're control freaks. They have so much power and influence it's intoxicating. The NFL is the modern day Narcissus. If Roger Goodell saw a reflection of the NFL logo in a lake he'd fall in and drown. That much power breeds arrogance and a disregard for the thoughts and feelings of those around them.

That being said NFL franchises are owned by billionaires and billionaires don't like to lose. Once the founder of Microsoft or the #1 producer of automobiles in this country loses a game on a botched call by an incompetent referee things will change drastically. There's only 16 games and every one is important. The NFL is trying to flex its muscles and prove a point to the NFLRA, but once they see the replacement refs can't live up to the standards set by the "starters" things will change.

Everyone complains about refs until they see what the alternative is. The NBA tried this once and the results were disastrous. Teams, coaches, and players were begging for the "real" refs to return after getting a look at the replacement guys. The NFL will be the same. There's no way you leave a league this valuable in the hands of replacements. A few blown calls and things will get back to normal. Just hope your team isn't on the wrong end of an erroneous flag or a missed pass interference.

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