Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Evolution of Dr. Dre

As I watch the Olympic athletes enter the venues for their respected events I notice quite a few participants are listening to music as they get prepared for competition. I can't help but wonder what songs are helping them get in the proper mindset for victory. Is it classical to calm their nerves? Is it hip-hop to get them pumped up? Do different sports require different genres of music to get them motivated? One thing is for certain, the most common headphones being used for this task is Beats by Dre.

Having followed Dr. Dre's career from its inception it's hard to believe the rap moguls transformation. 25 years ago his rap group NWA was labeled as a menace to society and held responsible for the corruption of America's youth. The lyrical content of his music depicted a life of violence, crime, and drug abuse causing a fear factor that was not conducive to mainstream popularity.

In 2012 that is not the case. Dr. Dre is a household name that's associated with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and 50 Cent. The negative connotation has subsided and people from all walks of life have grown to accept him. His persona now is that of a businessman and a technological innovator. His influence on the world is much more positive than in his teenage years. It's amazing what maturity and a few dollars can do for a person.

Forget about the guy dressed in all black carrying a machine gun yelling f*ck the police. Forget about the videos with a fridge full of 40's and a caravan of 64' Impalas. Dr. Dre's influence reaches much further than his humble Compton beginnings and his success is measured by more than just record sales. If the world's best athletes use his headphones to prepare for the biggest moment of their lives it's a testament to his impact on this generation. Dr. Dre has come a long way.

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