Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Observations

The Miami Heat are now officially America's team. Like the Dallas Cowboys in the early 90's and Laker Nation in the early 2000's(The Shaq and Kobe edition) every detail surrounding the team is newsworthy and every game is life and death. If the Heat lose Pat Riley is trading D Wade to Brooklyn, Orlando, or Dallas. If the Heat win fans are deciding what to wear to the championship parade. If Lebron misses a 4th quarter shot he's a heartless scrub that can't deliver when it counts. When he goes off for 40, 18, and 9 he's the greatest player since Michael Jordan. I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Bosh's MRI was broadcast live in Dade County. The Miami Heat are sports melodrama at its finest. You love them or you hate them. There is no in between. As you guys know all too well I always take the talent so guess what side I'm on? Here are some observations over the weekend.

Kevin Durant added cold blooded assassin to his resume on Saturday with a game winning 3 pointer to beat the Lakers. The pain and heartache grows with every accomplishment. Watching this guy is like watching your mother get pistol whipped over Skype.

Once again Rafael Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic on clay to win the Italian Open. It appears he has the advantage on this surface. Sometimes minor adjustments make a world of difference.

Just when I was about to bury horse racing for good I'll Have Another makes things interesting with a win at the Preakness. No horse has won the triple crown since Affirmed in 1978. Now I have to watch the Belmont to see if history will be made.

If the Seattle Mariners played in the National league they might make the playoffs. The Mariners continued their dominance in interleague play with a sweep of the Colorado Rockies over the weekend. They should petition MLB to move to the NL West.

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