Friday, May 4, 2012

The 206 influence On The NBA

As I watch the 2012 NBA playoffs the Puget Sound region is representing in a positive fashion. I won't say they're all star players, but their contributions on the court are significant. 25 percent of the teams in the playoffs and 30 percent of the league has a player from my neck of the woods. Here is the prestigious list of ballers.

Avery Bradley in Boston. Although technically he's from Tacoma he makes the list. Avery has done a stellar job in the playoffs filling in for a suspended Rajon Rondo and his stock is on the rise. Keep your eye on this kid.

Spencer Hawes in Philadelphia. Spencer is not always the most consistent player, but he has nice touch for a big man and can stretch the court hitting the 3 ball. If Philly has a shot at beating the Bulls he'll have to play his part.

Marvin Williams in Atlanta. Although technically he's from Bremerton her makes the list. Marvin is a tremendous wing defender with a decent jump shot. The former #2 pick in the draft has shown flashes of brilliance, but we need to see those flashes more often. His defense on Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are critical if Atlanta wants to advance in the playoffs.

Jason Terry in Dallas. One of the few players from the 206 with a championship ring. The former 6th man of the year gets it done night in and night out. Too bad Lamar Odom let the Mavericks down. They're about to be gone fishing.

Jon Brockman in Milwaukee. Jon should see more playing time with the trade of Andrew Bogut. He's not a big contributor, but you need these kind of guys on your roster who are hard working with a positive attitude.

Nate Robinson in Golden State. A high energy player with a streaky jump shot. If Nate gets hot it could change the outcome of a game. Even though he's 5'7 he makes his physical presence felt.

Luke Ridnour in Minnesota. Although technically from Bellingham he makes the list. You know exactly what you're getting with this journeyman point guard. Not too flashy, but always consistent and fundamentally sound.

Jamal Crawford in Portland. Another former 6th man of the year that provides veteran leadership and versatility. Given the right opportunity Jamal can step in and carry a team in spurts.

Isaiah Thomas in Sacramento. As the last player chosen Isaiah is the steal of the 2011 NBA draft. When given the opportunity to start at point guard he showed poise and an ability to effectively run the team. Jimmer Fredette is now an afterthought.

Terrence Williams in Sacramento. Terrence has bounced around a lot his first few years, but he may have found a home with the Kings. He's made the most of his increased playing time and still has time to reach his full potential.

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